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Midnight Musings - Ranma & Akane: A Blossoming Love
A love like no other/ Blooms under the full moon/ No one knows except us
Midnight Musings
Oh, dear, I'm writing for Ranma... This was my first love so long ago. I'm rereading the manga so I'm getting inspired to write something.

Prompt: Confession(s)
Title: Midnight Musings
Author: spinner_maiden 
Rating: Pg
Word Count: 237

Akane buried her head further into her pillow. She was so embarrassed! What could she have been thinking? Acting so stupid like that and showing her emotions freely?

She sighed again. What Ranma must imagine about her now, she couldn't fathom. She always put up a tomboyish front and now she was acting like a girly-girl.

And the truth was she hated herself for it. She hated herself for it because it made her appear weak and as if she needed a man to come and protect her.

She didn't need any man. She especially didn't need Ranma, the guy who saw her naked, multiple times! The fact that they were betrothed to each other didn't factor in at all because it was all a mistake. A huge mistake made by her parents.

She groaned and turned onto her back. But would it be such a catastrophe if she let Ranma know how she felt about him? She couldn't judge by his stunned look and she didn't stick around long enough to see what happened after her big outburst.

She turned again and looked straight into the darkness of her room. She couldn't sleep. It figured. Ranma always bothered her- even when she was trying to tell she liked him! She supposed she'd figure out everything tomorrow...

She didn't like brooding on confessions when she could've been catching up on her sleep.

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